Real Estate Investments

Founded in 1998, Sierra Nevada Investment Group purchased its first industrial building in Irvine, California that same year. This 78,000 square foot building was promptly leased to a major west coast corporation and the template for the real estate portfolio was set.

Today the focus remains on industrial buildings that are suited for manufacturing and warehousing with support office space. The typical property ranges in size from 20,000 square feet to as large as 85,000 square feet. Dock high loading, high ceilings, manufacturing level utilities, data services, and business centric locations are the common characteristics of our industrial buildings that are located along the west coast from Seattle to Southern California. Besides these industrial buildings, Sierra Nevada Investment Group owns a boutique office complex in Los Angeles near Pasadena.

Private Equity Investments

In 2000, the investment portfolio expanded into private equity investments with an equity position in a specialty insurance company that remains in operation today. Later investments have included software and internet businesses that in several instances have been acquired by leaders in the same or similar industries.

One of the more exciting recent investments for Sierra Nevada Investment Group is a start up company that has multiple patents on the manufacturing of aerogel products. This environmentally friendly company has already established itself as the market leader in ultra high "R" rated insulation that is both lightweight and compact. This investment highlights our investment strategy of focusing on successful and sustainable products, manufacturing, markets, management, and capital requirements as a template for our investment decisions.